Help, I’ve been hacked!

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Hacking prevention services

Hacking is prolific nowadays and no system is exempt from it. Even Unix, Linux and Mac systems are now vulnerable to viruses, malware and hacking.

Every day millions of hacking attempts are made to just abut every kind of device from PC’s and laptops to mobile devices and even street cameras and it gets worse every day. Business servers risk the biggest losses. If you have a VPS or a dedicated server and have not implemented a comprehensive protection system then your business is at risk.

Just in the UK alone, last year (2022) over 2 million cases of cyber crime were reported to the police where loss had occurred! This was mainly by businesses and this figure is increasing daily as cyber criminals find new ways of hacking in to servers and computing devices.

There are many ways in which your business can be affected by hacking, viruses and malware not least being the loss from being blacklisted with online companies, which may prevent your server from sending out any emails, resulting in great losses!

Already been hacked?

If your server has already been compromised, contact us below. We will check your server set up and resolve any compromised issues and secure the server from such attacks in the future to the best of the currently available software and management features. These typically include the implementation and setup of a robust firewall, virus and malware protection, email security and spam detection and prevention software which also protects your incoming and outgoing emails.