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Internet presence

Having a good web presence means being found on the internet when someone searches using search criteria that you have targeted with your web presence. Examples of a web presence for an individual could be a personal website, a blog, or a social media page (e.g. a LinkedIn profile or a Facebook or Twitter page).

A web presence for a business might include a professional business website, a micro-site (niche site), a page on a review site, a wiki page or a social media point of presence (e.g. LinkedIn company page, a Facebook business/brand/product page or a Pinterest business page).

If you run a sales website, you need internet presence. This means being found in many different areas of the internet, the more the better; a website, a blog, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google, YouTube, content networks, ads… etc.

It also means that when someone finds you on any of these sites, they should be able to immediately tell that it is you who they have found. This involves branding which is a separate area from internet presence but forms part of it and branding me much more than having a well known logo.


Detailed consistency is at the core of every successful brand and your ‘brand’ is much more than just your visual identity. It is the whole business experience. Your internet presence is what can set you apart from all your competitors. Sometimes, yes, branding is everything!

Most of the time, professionally marketed sites sell much more than other less professional, less advertised ones even though their products may be more expensive or inferior. The simple reason is that people can easily become brainwashed into thinking that a good marketing drive means a superior product.

Internet presence management

This is a comprehensive, progressive and dynamic approach to search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media, and other web-based promotional methods. Internet presence management is the process of controlling or influencing the web presence, or internet-based channels of a business with the goal of increasing that business’s online presence and overall internet efficiency.

Internet presence management should not be confused with ‘online presence’ management which is primarily associated with web governance, risk management, and compliance.

Here at Soirbheachas, we undertake all forms of internet presence management and online presence management (including negative SEO management) for both individuals and businesses.

How we can help you gain an effective internet presence?

We help individuals and businesses establish an effective internet presence through consultations, mentoring, seminars and hands-on input to your web places.

We can set up all the appropriate necessary elements to kick start your internet presence.

An effective web presence can make the difference between success and failure for any online business.

All businesses need to be seen as expert in their area and a good internet presence can help create this impression.

However, internet presence is not just for the latest all-singing all-dancing trends. You may want to just ‘fade away’ for a while and having a good internet presence can allow you to do this. For example, if you need to spend some time out, but don’t want to lose your contact with the web, a good internet presence to start with will prevent you from fading away.

SEO also plays a part and if you have prepared well in advance and created an effective web presence, as long as your site(s) remain live, SEO will still take its part.

All online businesses (and many offline ones too) need an effective internet presence. It doesn’t matter what type of business, an internet presence can only bring improved awareness. Having an effective presence on the internet doesn’t mean having a fancy, expensive website.

Sometimes, the most basic, simple site can be the most effective but it all depends on the purpose of the site. Where businesses are concerned, any presence on the internet is a positive thing, but a good website is only one part of an effective internet presence.

Social media has massive impact nowadays and all businesses, regardless of their industry, should include some social media within their internet presence.

Other considerations (where relevant) might include book reviews, advertising campaigns (Adwords PPC etc), email marketing campaigns, SEO marketing, link building, on and off-page search optimisation and video chanels (YouTube, Viddler etc).

If you are not getting found in the search results you need to manage your internet presence and we are happy to quote for all levels of management from appropriate additions to improving an existing online presence to the full package from scratch.

If you would like us to setup, or manage your online presence, complete the form below and we’ll get straight back to you.