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Themes – Any style, any layout, any size, built to your exact specifications!

WordPress errors… Our speciality!

WordPress is one of the best and easiest platforms to use.  It makes everything from initial setup and adding content to social media integration and SEO as easy as it gets, but for those who are not technical, a very confusing world.

We specialise in WordPress themes. We have designed, implemented and modified 1000’s of WordPress themes which have ranged from professional business styles to personal websites including plain solicitor style designs, through to media intensive, full graphic, mobile friendly sites.

We can create a WordPress theme to your exact specifications or modify an existing one into the ideas and thoughts that you have.  If we are working to your thoughts and ideas, we will run everything by you before we move on  to the next stage.  We will also create variations on any colours and layouts to give you a full understanding of the choices available and so you can compare all options.

Not only will we design or modify a theme for you, we will even install it and set up all the necessary settings for you – including the “correct” way of adding security!

Why should you use WordPress?

WordPress is a trusted, secure and scale-able solution which offers you the ability to grow and evolve in line with your business demands and current internet trends.

The WordPress system allow you to add, update or delete subscribers, images, text and other content directly in your browser window.

There are many more reasons but our top 3 are these:

1. It’s easy to use

If you can use and edit a Word Document, you can easily publish webpages using WordPress.

The theme in a WordPress site takes care of all the layout and font sizes and styles… all you have to do is write the content and click on the publish button.

There are thousands of ready made free WordPress themes to use but if you know exactly how you want your site to look, a personalised theme will allow you to achieve this.  You just need someone to create the theme that you want and that’s where we come in.

We can create a theme which lays out every element of your website to your exact requirements, which will also be mobile (and Google) friendly.

2. It simplifies the implementation of dynamic content

WordPress makes it really easy to implement dynamic content on your site from register, login and contact us forms, to video and image sliders, all simply achievable by the use of plugins.  Just install the plugin, add your settings and its done.

3. It’s makes SEO easy

You don’t need any experience of SEO (search engine optimisation) to get your site shooting up to the first page.  Just add one of the many SEO plugins, add your settings and start the process.

Those three points alone, set up properly, will allow you to sit back and let the internet process take its place!

If you need a new theme, or an existing one modifying in any way, fill in the form below adding as many details as possible and we’ll get straight back to you.